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This Day in History
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World History

Sunday, September 17, 1939. :   The Soviet Union joins Nazi Germany's invasion of Poland.

     World War II was a bitter time for countries experiencing invasion by Nazi Germany. On the last day of August 1939, Germany staged an attack by Poland, dressing Nazi S.S. troops in Polish uniforms and leaving behind dead German prisoners in Polish uniforms as evidence of the 'Polish attack'. Using this as propaganda served to pave the way for Germany to invade Poland the next day.

On 17 September 1939 the Soviet Red Army also invaded eastern Poland. This was in co-operation with Nazi Germany, as a means of carrying out their part of the secret appendix of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, which involved the division of Europe into Nazi and Soviet spheres of influence. Later in September that year, Poland was divided between Germany and the Soviet Union.

Today in History

Thought For Today
Human anger does not achieve God's righteous purpose.
James 1:20 (c) GNB
Two wrongs don't make a right! Stand your ground with dignity and you will be vindicated. Ask God to do your battles for you and see some amazing results.

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