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Australian Explorers

Thursday, September 16, 1847. :   Explorer Edmund Kennedy returns to his depot to find that Aborigines have ransacked his supplies.

     Edmund Kennedy was born on 5 September 1818 on the Island of Guernsey, in the Channel Islands. He arrived in Australia in 1840, and took up the position of Assistant-Surveyor of New South Wales. Kennedy accompanied Major Thomas Mitchell's 1845-46 expedition to the interior of Queensland, where he gained much experience in exploration.

In 1847, Mitchell appointed Kennedy to lead a second expedition to trace the course of the Barcoo River (originally named the Victoria River) in the hope that it would lead to the Gulf of Carpentaria. The expedition left on 13 March 1847, and followed the river north to Cooper Creek. This then flowed into the desert, proving it was not linked to the Gulf of Carpentaria. Never one to give up, Kennedy continued southwest, and discovered the Thomson River, on 20 August 1847. He returned to his depot on 16 September 1847, planning to continue north to the Gulf. However, he was dismayed to find that Aborigines had dug up the expedition's carefully buried provisions, and mixed 181kg of flour with clay. This prevented Kennedy from continuing his northward trek, and he was forced to return prematurely to Sydney.

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