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World History

Wednesday, September 16, 1908. :   General Motors Corporation (GM) is founded in the USA.

     General Motors Corporation (GM) was founded on 16 September 1908 when William C Durant consolidated several motor car companies, including Buick, Oldsmobile, and Cadillac. In GM's early years, Durant bought out 30 other companies, including Chevrolet, Delco, the Fisher Body Company, and Frigidaire. By 1929, GM had surpassed Ford to become the leading American passenger-car manufacturer, and amassed manufacturing facilities and branch sales offices in countries around the world as far as Europe, Asia and Australia. By 1955, it was the first company in America to exceed over $1 billion in a single year.

Today in History

Thought For Today
The wise get all the knowledge they can, but when fools speak, trouble is not far off.
Proverbs 10:14 (c) GNB
It is better to shut-up and be thought wise than to speak and prove yourself a fool. Gather knowledge and you can speak with authority.

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