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World History

Friday, October 18, 1867. :   The United States purchases Alaska for $7.2 million, the equivalent of about 2 cents an acre.

     Russia, the original "owners" of Alaska, held the territory from 1741. As British and American settlers encroached upon Alaska's southern border in the mid nineteenth century, increasing the likelihood of territorial disputes, the financially-strapped Russia offered to sell the territory to the United States. The formal transfer of Alaska from the ownership of Russia to the United States of America took place on 18 October 1867. Alaska was sold for $7.2 million in gold, which equated to about 2 cents an acre.

Initially, President Andrew Johnson was derided for the purchase, as Alaska was seen as too remote to be of any real value. However, following the great Klondike gold strike in 1896, Alaska came to be seen as a valuable and strategic addition to American territory.

Today in History

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