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Australian Explorers

Sunday, October 18, 1818. :   Oxley loses a valuable horse crossing Camden Haven, New South Wales.

     Following the successful expedition during which Oxley discovered the rich Liverpool Plains, he returned to the coast. He arrived at the mouth of the Hastings River, at the present site of Port Macquarie, and was especially pleased with the excellent countryside he found. Heading south towards Sydney, he came across a large inlet which he named Camden Haven after Lord Camden. On 18 October 1818, after constructing a canoe by which to take across the men and supplies, the party attempted to swim the horses across. Two of the horses appeared to be overcome with cramps whilst swimming: while one of them managed, after a struggle, to reach the opposite shore, but the other sank out of sight. This was a great loss to Oxley's expedition, as the horse had been one of their best and strongest.

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