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This Day in History

Australian History

Wednesday, January 19, 1887. :   The first express train runs between Melbourne and Adelaide as the two cities are linked by rail.

     Railways were first established in Victoria in 1854, when Australia's first steam train ran from Flinders Street to Port Melbourne. Victoria was quick to expand its rail services to outlying centres such as the goldfields. In order to continue interstate to South Australia, only the link between Dimboola and Serviceton awaited completion. In 1882, an Act was passed in South Australia authorising the construction of that state's portion of the line, extending from Nairne to the border, a distance of approximately 260 kilometres. The first express train departed Spencer Street at 4.05pm on 19 January 1887. It consisted of one American Boudoir car, a composite bogie carriage, a luggage van, sleeper and a van with smoking carriage attached.

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