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Australian Explorers

Monday, March 26, 1838. :   George Grey discovers evidence to suggest other Europeans had explored Australia's northwest hinterland prior to white settlement.

     Sir George Edward Grey, born 14 April 1812, was Governor of South Australia, twice Governor of New Zealand, Governor of Cape Colony (South Africa), Premier of New Zealand and a writer. Prior to his political career, however, he was an explorer to one of Australia's remotest regions - the northwest. He was the first known adventurer to this region.

Grey's first expedition to the area was in late 1837, but it was beset with numerous problems including Aboriginal attack and intense heat and humidity (in some areas, over 50 degrees C) compounded by lack of water. Grey himself was speared in the hip and spent two weeks recovering. His first sight of luxuriant country beyond the Macdonald Range convinced him to continue, and after several more days, he discovered the Glenelg River, named after Lord Glenelg, the Colonial Secretary of State.

Shortly after this, Grey discovered evidence that he was perhaps not the first European to explore the hinterland of northwest Australia. On 26 March 1838, and over the ensuing three days, he discovered numerous Aboriginal cave paintings near the head of the Glenelg River. Some of the figures depicted seemed to be wearing long garments, with helmets or hats. Another cave held an unusual painting of a non-Aboriginal man's figure, over 3m long, wearing a flowing reddish gown. Theories suggest that these paintings were early depictions of Portuguese or Spanish mariners or priests who may have visited the area long before any European settlement on the western coast.

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