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Australian Explorers

Tuesday, March 27, 1838. :   Eyre discovers Lake Hindmarsh in South Australia.

     Edward John Eyre was born on 5 August 1815 in Hornsea, Yorkshire. After coming to Australia, he gained valuable bush skills whilst droving cattle overland from Sydney through to the Liverpool Plains, Molonglo and Port Phillip. He was keen to open new stock routes through the country, and aimed to be the first to overland cattle from Sydney to the fledgling colony of South Australia.

On 21 December 1837, Eyre departed from Limestone Plains where Canberra now stands, with one thousand sheep and six hundred cattle. His route took him first to Melbourne where he replenished his supplies, then he hoped to head directly west to Adelaide, thus avoiding returning along the better-known route of the Murray River. Conditions were difficult, with the countryside in the grip of late summer drought, and he was beaten back by the impenetrable mallee country of western Victoria. Eyre was forced to retrace his steps to the Murray River. The party struggled from lack of water and drove the animals as quickly as they could to the almost-dry Wimmera River. On 27 March 1838, Eyre was guided by friendly Aborigines to a previously unknown freshwater lake, where waterfowl was abundant. Eyre named it Lake Hindmarsh, after the first Governor of South Australia, Sir John Hindmarsh.

The overlanding venture ended up covering close to 2,500 kilometres and took nearly seven months. Because of his unsuccessful short-cut, Eyre was not the first to overland cattle to South Australia: he was beaten by drovers Joseph Hawdon and Charles Bonney.

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