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World History

Wednesday, July 13, 1994. :   41 refugees, including 23 children, are killed by agents of the Cuban government.

     In the early hours of 13 July 1994, a group of 72 refugees sought to flee the communist regime of Cuba in a tugboat named "13 de Marzo". When the small craft was just over ten kilometres from the Cuban coast, it was intercepted by the Cuban Coast guard. The government boats first attacked the tugboat repeatedly, causing it to split in two. Equipped with water tanks and hoses, they then positioned themselves on opposite sides of the tugboat and proceeded to direct powerful streams of water from pressured hoses onto the passengers. As the tugboat sank, the boats then circled the tug at high speed, creating a whirlpool which swallowed many of those who had not been drowned in the initial spraying attack. In all, 41 people were killed, including 23 children.

When confronted with accusations of ordering the massacre, Cuban dictator President Fidel Castro denied tha coast guard had anything to do with the attack, claiming they arrived at the scene after the event. On 16 October 1996 the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights concluded that the Cuban government was responsible for the massacre and for the subsequent trauma endured by relatives of the victims. However, the Cuban government has denied closure for the relatives of the victims, by refusing to allow recovery of the bodies for proper burial. Castro himself remains unrepentant of his actions.

Today in History

Thought For Today
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