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Australian History

Monday, July 12, 1971. :   The Australian Aboriginal flag is flown for the first time.

     The Australian Aboriginal flag is dominated by a yellow sun in the centre, red in the lower half and black in the upper half. It was first flown at Victoria Square, Adelaide on National Aborigines' Day, 12 July 1971.

The flag was created by Aboriginal activist and artist Harold Thomas. Thomas chose the red ochre to represent the red soil of Australia, and the black to represent the Aboriginal people of Australia and the pride of being black in Australia. The yellow sun was chosen for its commonality as a colour used in aboriginal art, but also because Thomas regarded it as a symbol for all people.

On 14 July 1995, together with the Torres Strait Islander Flag, the Aboriginal flag was proclaimed by the Australian government as one of the "Flags of Australia" under Section 5 of the Flags Act 1953.

Today in History

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