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Australian Explorers

Friday, December 3, 1824. :   Hume and Hovell discover the Goulburn River, naming it the "Hovell River".

     The Goulburn River is a significant river in the Australian state of Victoria. It begins near the western end of Mount Buller in the Victorian Alps, also known as the "High Country", and joins the Murray River near the town of Echuca. Discovered by the exploration party of Hume and Hovell on 3 December 1824, the Goulburn River was originally named the "Hovell", after William Hovell, who accompanied Hamilton Hume on the expedition to find an overland route from Sydney to Port Phillip.

Hume was a grazier who was interested in exploring south of the known Sydney area in order to open up new areas of land. However, he could not gain Government support for his proposed venture. William Hovell was an English immigrant with little bush experience, a former ship's captain who was keen to assist Hume's expedition financially, and accompany him. The expedition was set up, and Hume and Hovell departed Hume's father's farm at Appin, southwest of Sydney, in early October 1824.

Although the two men argued for most of their journey, and even for many years after their return, the expedition was successful in many ways. Hume and Hovell discovered many other rivers besides the Goulburn, including the "Hume River", which was later renamed by Sturt as the Murray River. The "Hovell River" was later renamed the Goulburn River after English statesman Henry Goulburn.

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