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Australian History

Saturday, August 14, 1875. :   ‘The Queenslander’ newspaper reports on the first ever game of Association Football, later Soccer, played in Australia.

     Soccer is a popular sport in Australia, and is played by men and women at both the recreational and professional level. Soccer had its origins in “Association Football” which was quite distinct from either Australian Rules Football or Rugby Football, both of which had formed as new codes in the southern colonies of Victoria and New South Wales during the 1850s and 1860s. Reports of early football games in the Brisbane area appear to have been played under the code of “Melbourne Rules” which later became Australian Rules.

On 14 August 1875, newspaper “The Queenslander” reported on the first game of ‘London Association Football’ ever played in Brisbane. The match had taken place a week earlier, on 7 August, between the Brisbane Football Club and the inmates and warders of the Woogaroo Lunatic Asylum, now Wolston Park Hospital at Goodna. One of the rules stipulated that the ball should be neither carried nor handled under any circumstances. This code later became known as ‘soccer'. Not only was the Brisbane game the earliest known such game played in the Brisbane region, it was most likely the first to be played in Australia. In 1884, soccer games commenced on a regular basis in Brisbane.

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