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Australian History

Monday, February 11, 1867. :   The ship ‘Zanoni’ capsizes in the relatively sheltered waters of Gulf St Vincent.

     In the middle of Gulf St Vincent, South Australia, not far from Ardrossen on the Yorke Peninsula, lies a shipwreck. Covered by about 18 metres of water, the ‘Zanoni’ is regarded as one of the best-preserved sailing shipwrecks in Australian waters. It capsized so suddenly that the crew had no time to salvage any possessions or equipment.

The ‘Zanoni’ was a 338 ton, three masted barque, not yet two years old. She had been built in Liverpool, England, and made her maiden voyage to South Australia, with a load of sugar from Mauritius. On the morning of 11 February 1867, she departed Port Wakefield in fine weather, bound for London with a cargo of 15 tons of bark and 4025 bags of wheat. Mid-afternoon, the barque was hit by a sudden squall which came over the gulf from the west. ‘Zanoni’ was tossed on her beams and overturned, sinking within five minutes. The crew swam to the lifeboat which had been thrown clear, and no lives were lost.

It has remained something of a mystery why a solid ship could have been so easily sunk in the fairly sheltered waters of Gulf St Vincent. What is even more intriguing is why the Marine Board and other searches conducted failed to find any trace of the vessel when its approximate location was known. It was only in April 1983 that the shipwreck was finally located.

Today in History

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