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Australian History

Monday, May 23, 1960. :   Television finally comes to Tasmania with the launch of TVT-6.

     In 1950, Australian Prime Minister Robert Menzies announced a gradual introduction of television in Australia, commencing with the launch of an ABC station. Three years later his government amended the 1948 Broadcasting Act to allow for commercial television licences.

Test transmissions commenced in Sydney and Melbourne in July 1956. Australia's first TV broadcast was made on 16 September 1956 by TCN Channel 9 in Sydney. Melbourne was the next city to commence transmissions, which occurred later that year. Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide each launched their own television station in 1959.

Tasmania was the last of the state capitals to begin transmissions. Four years after the first test transmissions in Australia, on 23 May 1960, TVT-6 launched in Hobart, bringing television to Tasmania. TVT stood for TeleVision Tasmania; at first, it transmitted from Mt Wellington, and covered just the southern part of the state.

Today in History

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