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Australian History

Wednesday, March 27, 2013. :   Australia’s longest road bridge, spanning the Macleay River and surrounding floodplains in New South Wales, is opened to traffic.

     The Macleay River is a river in the New South Wales mid-coast. Over its 298km east-southeast course, it is joined by 26 tributaries before emptying into the ocean near the town of South West Rocks. Because of this, it is subject to flooding. The main eastern highway, the Pacific Highway, crosses the Macleay River floodplains and continues through the nearby town of Kempsey. Due to regular flooding and the location of a major highway through the town, a new Kempsey bypass was planned to alleviate many of the problems associated with flooding and regular roadworks to repair damage. The bridge was constructed as part of the 14.5km bypass.

Unnamed for several months, the Macleay River Bridge, also known by locals as the Kempsey Bridge, was opened to traffic on 27 March 2013, after first being opened for pedestrians for a preview walk on 24 February. With a length of 3.2km, it features 941 concrete super-T beams, each 34m long and 1,500mm deep, supported by 93 piers.

The bridge overtook the Hornibrook Highway in Queensland as Australia’s longest bridge. Joining Brighton on Brisbane’s north shore to the Redcliffe Peninsula, this was Australia’s longest bridge from when it opened in 1935 until it was dismantled in 2011.

Today in History

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