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This Day in History
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World History

Tuesday, August 2, 1870. :   Tower Subway, the first tube railway in the world, is opened under the Thames River in London.

     The London Underground is a public electric railway system that runs underground in central London and emerges above ground in the city's suburbs. It was the world's first underground network. Prior to its construction, London trains terminated a long way from the central city, as building them closer would necessitate damaging historic buildings. Buses were still required to bring commuters into the city, and London soon became gridlocked. In 1854, a short underground railway was implemented between Paddington and Farringdon, but was constructed using a simple cut-and-cover method of digging a trench and recovering it with a roof, using supporting beams.

Shortly after this, deep-level tunnels, or "tube lines" were developed. They ran about 20 metres below the surface, and the tunnels were reinforced with cast-iron rings. On 2 August 1870, the Tower Subway became the first tube railway to be opened, and it ran beneath the River Thames in central London, close to the Tower of London, entering at Tower Hill and exiting at Vine Lane. It was designed and built by James Henry Greathead in 1869-1870 using a cylindrical wrought-iron tunnelling shield he designed with Peter W. Barlow. Initially, a steam engine powered a 12-seat carriage shuttled from end to end by wire rope, in a 70 second journey. However, it was not popular or cost-effective and was closed down after three months.

Today in History

Thought For Today
Don't give evidence against someone else without good reason, or say misleading things about him.
Proverbs 24:28 (c) GNB
If you can't say something good - then say nothing. If you spread gossip and rumours, you will eventually reap your just reward.

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