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This Day in History
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World History

Monday, August 14, 2000. :   An operation gets underway to rescue the men stranded in the sunken Russian submarine, the 'Kursk', in the Arctic Circle.

     Two days earlier, the Russian submarine 'Kursk' was on an exercise of firing dummy torpedoes at a battlecruiser when an explosion ripped through the first two of nine compartments. As the 'Kursk' hit the seabed, more on-board torpedoes exploded, registering 1.5 on the Richter scale, blasting a two-metre-square hole in the hull and ripping open the third and fourth compartments.

Russia waited two days before it released details of the accident to the world, on 14 August 2000, by which time the country had sent out ten of its own ships to the distressed submarine. There was no radio contact with the survivors in the 'Kursk', only the sound of them pounding on the hull. By the time any other nations could offer assistance, the 'Kursk' was lying lifeless and powerless 150m down on the seabed of the Barents Sea. The delay contributed to the loss of all on board.

A salvage team from the Netherlands was finally able to retrieve the 'Kursk' in October 2001.

Today in History

Thought For Today
Pay, then, what you owe them; pay them your personal and property taxes, and show respect and honour for them all.
Romans 13:7 (c) GNB
Pay your way if you want the benefits of living in this country. Pray for a just and righteous Government.

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