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World History

Friday, September 11, 1609. :   Henry Hudson discovers the Hudson River and Manhattan Island, where New York City now stands.

     Henry Hudson was an English explorer of the 1500s. He was the first European to sail up what is now known as the Hudson River, New York. In 1607 he was hired by the English Muscovy Company to lead an expedition from England to discover a northeastern sea passage to Asia and the spice islands of the South Pacific. Making his way as far as Greenland and Spitzbergen, he found his route was blocked by ice. He attempted a second voyage a year later, sailing farther to the east along the northern coast of Norway, but was again blocked by ice.

In 1609, he was hired by another company, the Dutch East India Company, to attempt yet another voyage to find a northeastern passage. After being thwarted by ice again at Spitzbergen, Hudson sailed in the opposite direction, to North America. He explored along the coast of Nova Scotia and down to what is now New York Harbor, sailing up the Hudson River on 11 September 1609 as far north as the site where Albany now stands.

Because Hudson had been hired by the Dutch East India Company, the Dutch later claimed the area and established a colony, naming it New Amsterdam. Peter Minuit of the Dutch West Indies Company bought the island in 1626 from the Manhattan Indians for $24 worth of merchandise. However, it was renamed New York when the English took control in 1664.

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