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Born on this day

Saturday, October 23, 1813. :   Explorer Ludwig Leichhardt, first to travel from the eastern coast to Port Essington in the north, is born.

     Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Leichhardt was born on 23 October 1813 in Trebatsch, Prussia (now Brandenburg, Germany). His thirst for knowledge led him to study philosophy, languages and natural sciences in Germany. Although he never received a degree, he was a passionate botanist. Leichhardt arrived in Australia in 1842, and immediately expressed an interest in exploration, although he lacked necessary bush survival skills.

Leichhardt made a total of three expeditions. In October 1844, he left from Jimbour, on the Darling Downs, on an expedition to find a new route to Port Essington, near Darwin. The 4800 km overland journey reached its destination on 17 December 1845. His second expedition, from the Darling Downs in Queensland to Perth in Western Australia, commenced in December 1846. However, wet weather and malaria forced the party to return after they had travelled only 800km.

Leichhardt's final expedition began in March 1848, picking up where his second expedition left off. However, somewhere in Australia's vast outback, Leichhardt, together with six other men, eight horses, fifty bullocks and twenty mules, vanished. Many theories have abounded as to what happened, and many claim to have found evidence of the remains of the expedition, but what really happened remains one of Australia's enduring mysteries.

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