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World History

Friday, February 12, 1993. :   The world is shocked when two ten-year-old boys abduct and murder toddler James Bulger in England.

     Three-year-old James Bulger was on a shopping trip with his mother on 12 February 1993. That same day, two ten-year-old boys, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, had decided to skip school and spend the day in Bootle Strand Shopping Centre. James's mother was being served in a butcher's shop when the two older boys took James from where he waited outside, and led him away. During the next couple of hours they tortured the boy in an horrific manner, finally weighing him down across a railway track, where he was eventually hit by a goods train.

When James's body was found two days later, events surrounding his death were reconstructed, and at least 38 people reported having seen the two boys walking with him, alternating between hurting and distracting him. Some of the witnesses challenged their treatment of James, but were powerless to act when the boys claimed they were looking after their younger brother. Venables and Thompson were arrested within days. Their trial was conducted in the same format as an adult trial, with the accused sitting in the dock away from their parents and with the judge and court officials dressed in full legal regalia. They were found guilty and were sentenced to imprisonment at a young offenders institution until such time as they were deemed to no longer be a threat to the public.

On 22 June 2001, the British authorities announced that Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, both then 18, would be released. They were given new homes and identities to protect them from a public that was still horrified at what two children had been capable of doing.

Today in History

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