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Australian History

Monday, February 14, 1966. :   Decimal currency is introduced in Australia, and the Australian dollar makes its debut.

     Decimal currency was first introduced in Australia on 14 February 1966. The new Australian dollar replaced the Australian pound (different from the Pound Sterling) as the nominal currency of Australia, and introduced a decimal system. Australian Prime Minister at the time, Robert Menzies, a devout monarchist, wished to name the currency "the Royal", and other names such as "the Austral" were also proposed. Menzies's influence meant that the name "Royal" prevailed, and trial designs were prepared and printed by the printing works of the Reserve Bank of Australia. The name "Royal" proved unpopular, and it was later shelved in favour of "Dollar".

An extensive advertising campaign was implemented to assist the Australian public in making the transition to decimal currency. The Dollar Bill Decimal Currency Jingle, with lyrics written by Ted Roberts, was sung to the tune of “Click go the Shears”. The jungle was as follows:

In come the dollars and in come the cents
to replace the pounds and the shillings and the pence.
Be prepared folks when the coins begin to mix
on the 14th of February 1966.

Clink go the cents folks, clink, clink, clink.
Changeover day is closer than you think.
Learn the value of the coins and the way that they appear
and things will be much smoother when the decimal point is here.

Initially, the Australian dollar was introduced at a rate of two dollars per pound, or ten shillings per dollar. The Australian dollar, AUD or A$, is the official currency of the Commonwealth of Australia, including the Australian Antarctic Territory, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Heard Island and McDonald Islands and Norfolk Island, as well as the independent Pacific island states of Kiribati, Nauru and Tuvalu.

Today in History

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