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World History

Sunday, February 15, 1942. :   The Battle of Singapore reaches its conclusion as Singapore falls to the Japanese.

     The Battle of Singapore was a battle of the South-East Asian theatre of World War II fought between Imperial Japan and the Allies, from 7 February 1942 to 15 February 1942. The fall of Singapore represented the largest surrender of British-led military personnel in history. About 80,000 Indian, Australian and British troops became prisoners of war. At 8.30pm on February 8, Australian machine gunners opened fire on vessels carrying the first wave of 4,000 Japanese troops towards Singapore island. Many more such battles were fought over the ensuing days, but the Japanese held the upper hand in numbers as well as in weaponry and military intelligence. By the morning of February 15, the Japanese had broken through the last line of defence, and the allies were beginning to run out of food and ammunition. The Allied forces formally surrendered to the Japanese shortly after 5.15pm on 15 February 1942.

The Japanese were particularly brutal to the prisoners they took. Many of the Allied soldiers taken prisoner remained in Singapore, at infamous Changi Prison. Thousands of others were shipped on prisoner transports known as "Hell Ships" to other parts of Asia, including Japan itself, to be used as slave labour on infamous projects like the Siam-Burma Railway and Sandakan airfield in North Borneo. Most of these men never saw their homelands again.

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